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Established in 2018 HG Accounting has grown from a staff of one (our fearless leader, Heidi Gessler) to a staff of three.

What started out as a basic bookkeeping and payroll processing company has grown to encompass all that you see on our services page.

Heidi Gessler - a young smiling woman with blond hair and glasses.

Heidi Gessler


My vision for owning my own company started when I was little as my father owned his own company. Watching him and how different bookkeeping tasks needed to be organized to keep a company flowing is what kick started my career in Accounting. After working as a Controller for a few different companies, I decided that it was my turn to be a controller for my own company. With an Associates Degree in Accounting, I set forth on a journey that would grow into a great company I am proud of. One of my first clients was my Husband of 16 years, who owns his own company. In my spare time, I love to travel to the Dominican Republic with my family, enjoy our boat on the Mississippi River, and travel to Colorado & Wisconsin for work. I have 3 children and their sports & activities take up the rest of my free time. I love being my own boss because it allows me to have a flexible schedule so that I can do lots of various things with my children.

Trista Gessler

Trista Gessler

Administrative Assistant

 I have been with HG Accounting since June 2023. I am going to be a freshman at Tri City United High School. My dream college is University of Iowa to be a teacher for younger kids. I have been wrestling since I was 7 years old. I have wrestled in various tournaments all across the United States and absolutely love it.

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